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Since 1987, Brisbane Cruises has set sail aboard the MV Lady Brisbane, creating unforgettable moments and hosting a myriad of events. Our vessel boasts two captivating decks, offering panoramic views and a team of dedicated staff that contributes to an unparalleled atmosphere and river experience.

Whether basking in the sun, admiring a breath-taking sunset, or sipping beverages beneath the stars, our cruises cater to diverse preferences.

Beyond the visual appeal of the boat and its surroundings, we take immense pride in the offerings during your experience. Our diverse menu, catering options, a dynamic dance floor with vibrant lights and surround sound, and a team of exceptional staff ensure a visit on board is a journey marked by quality and enjoyment.

Our cruise options extend beyond the ordinary, with fully customizable VIP functions that promise a memorable experience for your guests during a private voyage.

So, whether you're unwinding on a leisurely day cruise, savouring a sunset dinner against the backdrop of city lights, or gearing up to host the event of the year, Brisbane Cruises has you covered.

Looking forward to cruising with you,

Brisbane Cruises

Welcome On Board:

Join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest Directors of Brisbane Cruises - Lady Brisbane, Cheryl & Troy.

Having been dedicated members of our team for the past 16 years, they now proudly take the helm of this esteemed cruise line. As new owners, they bring a breath of fresh air while preserving the legacy of over 30 years of cruising excellence. 

With their dedicated crew, the elegant timber vessel, and the vast open waters, we are excited about the promising future under their management. Anticipate new menus featuring both culinary delights and refreshing drinks, live decor enhancements, and subtle improvements around the deck - all aimed at making your cruising experience the best one yet.

Here's to a new era of unforgettable voyages and cherished moments on board!

“We’re looking forward to seeing you on board & even more excited for the future of Lady Brisbane!!

Cheryl & Troy

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Recreation Hub, Commercial Pontoon,
449 Kingsford Smith Drive,
Hamilton Qld 4007
PO Box 8294 Wynnum North QLD 4178

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